Jaeyoung Jung

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In this study, we propose a new web-based associative language learning system, called ALL It assumes that word association exercise and associative information about words would be useful for vocabulary learning and improving associative ability. For this, word association sources are used, and a graph theory and a graph clustering are employed as suitable(More)
In this paper, we propose a new variant of the breadth-first shortest path search called Markov Cluster Shortest Path (MCSP). This is applied to the associative semantic network to show us the flow of association between two very different concepts, by providing the shortest path of them. MCSP is obtained from the virtual adjacency matrix of the hard(More)
1 Taxi is certainly the most popular type of on-demand transportation service in urban areas because taxi 2 dispatching systems offer more and better services in terms of shorter wait times and travel convenience. 3 However, a shortage of taxicabs has always been critical in many urban contexts especially during peak 4 hours and taxi has great potential to(More)
* Learning vocabularies is an essential task when learning a foreign language. However, most learners seem to experience similar difficulties in learning vocabularies in terms of large burden and a lack of motivation. In this paper, we propose an approach for web-based vocabulary learning through personalized word association games. By applying game-based(More)
This paper reports on the application of network analysis approaches to investigate the characteristics of graph representations of Japanese word associations. Two semantic networks are constructed from two separate Japanese word association databases. The basic statistical features of the networks indicate that they have scale-free and small-world(More)
—Design techniques for a load-independent low-power low-phase-noise CMOS LC direct bulk-coupled quadrature voltage-controlled oscillator (DBC-QVCO) is presented in this paper. A capacitor tapping technique is used to lower the phase noise and achieve load-independent frequency of oscillation. Class-C operation is used to further reduce the phase noise and(More)
Word association data in dictionary form can be simulated through the combination of three components: a bipartite graph with an imbalance in set sizes; a scale-free graph of the Barabási-Albert model; and a normal distribution connecting the two graphs. Such a model makes it possible to simulate the complex features in degree distributions and the(More)