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SUMMARY In this paper, we describe a distributed trans-actional workflow system named ICU/COWS, which supports multiple workflow types of large scale enterprises. The system aims to support the whole workflow for large scale enterprises effectively within a single workflow system and the system is designed to satisfy several design goals such as(More)
In large scale enterprises composed of more than several hundred departments, many workflows still remain in non-automated state which is a serious burden to the enterprises. Usually workflow of a large scale enterprise is in the mixed form of multiple types of workflow where ad hoc workflow is the major hurdle for the automation. While conventional(More)
In this paper, we propose a framework supporting dynamic interoperation between heterogeneous workflow systems and workflow-based dynamic Enterprise Application Integration (EAI). To this end, based on Subflow Task Model and Multi-Tiered Dynamic State Transition Model, four major components are defined: The workflow engine, Adapter, Service Interface(More)
As the needs for interconnections of processes in different companies or departments are so increasing and companies try to realize business processes across organizational boundaries, the correct-ness issues of inter-organizational workflow definition is getting more important. In this paper, we develop community process definition lan-guage(CPDL) for(More)
An error-comprising workflow dejinition might provoke serious problems to an enterprise especially when it is involved with mission critical business processes. Concur-rency of workflow processes is known as one of the major sources causing such an invalid workflow process definition. So the conflicts caused by concurrent workflow processes should be(More)
SUMMARY An workflow definition containing errors might cause serious problems for an enterprise especially when it involves mission critical business processes or inter-organizational interaction. So workflow definitions should be defined in a strict and rigorous way. In this paper, we suggest a workflow definition language and analysis methods for the(More)
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