Jaewon Kang

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This study was designed to understand which factors influence consumer hesitation or delay in online product purchases. The study examined four groups of variables (i.e., consumer characteristics, contextual factors perceived uncertainty factors, and medium/channel innovation factors) that predict three types of online shopping hesitation (i.e., overall(More)
— This paper analyzes the scalability of message flooding protocols in networks with various node densities, which can be expected in vehicular scenarios. Vehicle safety applications require reliable delivery of warning messages to nearby and approaching vehicles. Due to potentially large distances and shadowing the delivery protocol must forward messages(More)
—Due to its bandwidth efficiency, multicast makes a group-centric communication more viable in wireless ad hoc networks with limited radio resources. PIM-SM, a de facto standard multicast protocol known for its high scalability, is a good fit for a large-scale ad hoc network. However, it does not provide a robust multicast communication under RP outage and(More)
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