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OBJECTIVE Disease-related weight loss is relatively common in patients with newly diagnosed multiple myeloma (MM), but limited data exist regarding the effects of nutritional status on survival. The aim of this study was to assess the relationship between malnutrition (as measured by Patient-Generated Subjective Global Assessment [PG-SGA]) and clinical(More)
In this paper we investigate how people emotionally respond to the emotional expression of a plant when external stimuli were given to the plant. For this purpose we built a simple LED emoticon-based device as an emotional proxy for delivering inner states of a plant, assuming the inner states of a plant can be changed depending on either positive or(More)
In this study, we explore how our smart maternity clothes can affect the parent's emotional attachment to the fetus. The smart maternity clothes have two primary functions - visualization of the fetal movements and provision of the statistical data on the movements to the user's smartphone via Bluetooth. We conducted a small-sized pilot study with 4 married(More)
The purpose of this study is to identify the degree of direct human communication that is replaced by smartphone-based Social Networking Services (SNSs). To this end, we designed a device for intuitively playing a Phone Stack Game, and performed comparative analysis by examining the conditions before and after installation of the device through videos.(More)
The decomposition of ozone and para-chlorobezoic acid (pCBA) using ozone and ozone/goethite were investigated under various conditions to define the characteristics of ozonation and catalytic ozonation. A continuous analysis of the kinetics of the reaction between ozone and pCBA was established, and the decay rate of ozone and pCBA with/without goethite was(More)
<i>Playful learning</i> is a powerful method to enhance children's engagement with teaching material, often resulting in better learning. Several prior works demonstrated the existence of a relation between tangibles and engagement, but they did not characterize it with specific measures. Therefore, this paper aims to describe the degree of engagement with(More)
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