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In this paper, we propose a new block cipher HIGHT with 64-bit block length and 128-bit key length. It provides low-resource hardware implementation, which is proper to ubiquitous computing device such as a sensor in USN or a RFID tag. HIGHT does not only consist of simple operations to be ultra-light but also has enough security as a good encryption(More)
This paper describes a new software-efficient 256-bit hash function, FORK-256. Recently proposed attacks on MD5 and SHA-1 motivate a new hash function design. It is designed not only to have higher security but also to be faster than SHA-256. The performance of the new hash function is at least 30% better than that of SHA-256 in software. And it is secure(More)
This paper describes the system design developed for Team Gator Nation's submission to the 2007 DARPA Urban Challenge. In this event, vehicles had to navigate on city streets while obeying basic traffic laws. One of the major challenges was interacting with other vehicles such as at intersections. To address these challenges, a hybrid Toyota Highlander was(More)
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