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IPv6 Duplicate address Detection (DAD) process cannot be applicable for MANET without modification either because of the multi-hop problem or DAD time bound. In this paper, we propose a stateless auto-configuration that overcomes multi-hop problem. We solve the multi-hop problem by having some ad-hoc routable nodes doing DAD for the new node that is willing(More)
Connecting to the Internet through the nodes of an ad-hoc network is very challenging and necessary. We studied a MANET topology in which all nodes in this MANET need to be connected to the Internet through a special node called the Internet Gateway. Traditional IPv6 Duplicate address Detection(DAD) process cannot be applied for this topology without any(More)
Nowadays, IPv6 address system has been proposed since nearly ten years ago, the most attractive trait of this address system is the address auto-configuration. But all of these technologies are based on the wired network. In wireless network, especially in the ad hoc network, because of its dynamic and self-organized trait, auto-configuration is very(More)
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