Jaemyoun Lee

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—New features are often added incrementally to avionics systems to minimize the need for redesign and recertification. However, it then becomes necessary to check that the timing constraints of existing as well as new applications are met. We facilitate these checks by introducing a new data switch that bounds the latency of end-to-end communications across(More)
Application loading times can be reduced by prefetching disk blocks into the buffer cache. Existing prefetching schemes for general workloads suffer from significant overheads and low accuracy. ClusterFetch is a lightweight prefetcher that identifies continuous sequences of I/O requests and identifies the files that trigger them. The next time that the same(More)
Cloud computing systems require a huge number of storage servers, with growing implications for power bills, carbon emissions and the logistics of data centers. These considerations have motivated researchers to improve the energy efficiency of storage servers. Most servers use a lot of power irrespective of the amount of computing that they are doing, and(More)