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A fully integrated 24-GHz CMOS ultra-wideband (UWB) radar transmitter for short-range automotive application is presented. For high-range resolution and improved signal-to-noise ratio, a pulse compression technique using binary phase code is adopted. Design issues of UWB radar transmitter are investigated based on fundamental pulse theory. A pulse former,(More)
This paper presents CMOS front-end ICs with 13.3 dBm output power for K-band FMCW radar, which is integrated in 0.13-μm CMOS technology. The transmitter consists of a voltage controlled oscillator, divider chain, power amplifier, and additional buffers. The receiver consists of a low-noise amplifier, IQ mixers, an IQ generator, and buffers. The(More)
A fully integrated 2.4 GHz low-power frequency source including a 1.2 GHz voltage-controlled oscillator (VCO) and a current-reused frequency multiplier is fabricated in 0.18-mum CMOS process. The proposed frequency source tunes from 2.22 GHz to 2.45 GHz by changing control bias from 0 V to 0.7V, and achieves a phase noise of -115.83 dBc/Hz at 1 MHz offset(More)
The proposed VCO achieves low phase noise with high oscillation amplitude by using a high impedance resonator. This resonator has two resonances including the resonance of an additional inductance and a device output capacitance. The proposed VCO is implemented with a 0.13-µm CMOS process and the chip size without the pad is 150um × 250um. The(More)
The demands on higher bandwidth with reduced power consumption in mobile market are driving mobile DRAM to have advanced design techniques. Proposed LPDDR4 in this paper achieves over 30% improved power efficiency and over 4.3Gbps data rate with 1.1V supply voltage. These are challenging target comparing with that of LPDDR3. This works includes various(More)
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