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Evaluation of transgenic crops under field conditions is a fundamental step for the production of genetically engineered varieties. In order to determine if there is pollen dispersal from transgenic to nontransgenic soybean plants, a field release experiment was conducted in the Cerrado region of Brazil. Nontransgenic plants were cultivated in plots(More)
In this paper we conceptualize and define the QD Framework, a generic solution to manage a set of mirror servers, enabling a specific online service to be offered on the web with a better availability and success rate for requests. The framework includes all the components needed to deal with such service: registration, cataloging, monitoring, distribution(More)
In this paper we present the concept of a <i>VLibras-Box</i>, a building box for distributed sign-language translation infrastructures. A <i>VLibras-Box</i> encapsulates a Portuguese to Brazilian Sign Language translation service and additional components needed to combine multiple <i>VLibras-Boxes</i> in order to assembly a fault-tolerant and scalable(More)
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