Jaekyung Han

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Unlike CCTV, security video surveillance devices, which we have generally known about, IP cameras which are connected to a network either with or without wire, provide monitoring services through a built-in web-server. Due to the fact that IP cameras can use a network such as the Internet, multiple IP cameras can be installed at a long distance and each IP(More)
Most current hyper-CASE systems place emphasis on how hypermedia functionality can be used in implementing CASE systems, with the hypermedia as a means of supporting the management of software life cycle documents in a non-integrated CASE environment. In this paper, we argue that hypermedia should be integrated with CASE in a seamless manner and must be(More)
The darknet (i.e., a set of unused IP addresses) is a very useful solution for observing the global trends of cyber threats and analyzing attack activities on the Internet. Since the darknet is not connected with real systems, in most cases, the incoming packets on the darknet ('the darknet traffic') do not contain a payload. This means that we are unable(More)
Infrastructure as a service with desktops (DIaaS) based on the extensible markup language (XML) is herein proposed to utilize surplus resources. DIaaS is a traditional surplus-resource integrated management technology. It is designed to provide fast work distribution and computing services based on user service requests as well as storage services through(More)
A significant number of organisations make use of information system development methodologies (ISDMs). Many organisations develop their own methodology or modify one which has been commercially purchased, to better suit their own particular needs, or those of individual projects. Rather than construct entirely new ISDMs from scratch, it seems more(More)
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