Jaejung Kim

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Generation of induced pluripotent stem (iPS) cells from somatic cells has been achieved successfully by simultaneous viral transduction of defined reprogramming transcription factors (TFs). However, the process requires multiple viral vectors for gene delivery. As a result, generated iPS cells harbor numerous viral integration sites in their genomes. This(More)
Despite the advantages of using photodynamic therapy (PDT) for the treatment of head and neck tumors, it can only be used to treat early stage flat lesions due to the limited tissue penetration ability of the visible light. Here, we developed near-infrared (NIR) excitable upconversion nanoparticle (UCN) based PDT agent that can specifically target(More)
As the growth of the Internet has given consumers an access to unprecedented amounts of digital contents from almost anywhere, thanks to a variety of smart devices, it has raised concerns about the safety of personal data with current digital content transaction model when purchasing the online digital contents. Smartphone use is increasing rapidly and it(More)
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