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Delta-catenin was first identified through its interaction with Presenilin-1 and has been implicated in the regulation of dendrogenesis and cognitive function. However, the molecular mechanisms by which delta-catenin promotes dendritic morphogenesis were unclear. In this study, we demonstrated delta-catenin interaction with p190RhoGEF, and the importance of(More)
In this paper, we introduce the robot developed for inspection of 16” natural pipelines, applying a novel mechanism. To travel along various obstacles such as vertical pipes, elbows and branches, this system consists of several modules with articulated bodies connected by active joint modules. And the robot contains battery modules and wireless(More)
In this paper, we present a point-of-care test equipment which can afford `flexibility', `portability' and `low cost'. Firstly, the system components which include reagent tray, dispensing module, microfluidic disk rotor and photometry scanner, and each of their functions are explained. Then, test results of some of diagnostic tests are included to show the(More)
Vibration test of electro-hydraulic actuator is widely used in the field of industry like large dynamic system to guarantee the performance of the system. As the system is working under the high speed condition, the dynamic vibration test is required naturally. The field of relevant industry involves not only general industry but also aircraft, military,(More)
In this paper, system identification algorithm of an electro-hydraulic system for feedforward position control method is proposed. Feedforward controller using inverse model of feedback system generates filtered signals that compensate the magnitude and phase. In this manner, the feedback system has been properly identified. We estimated the system as(More)
Although the applications of hydraulic actuators to robotic systems has grown, it is difficult to get the customized components for the research platform. High bandwidth with higher force and torque compared to the electric motor in respect of size and weight has unique area as an actuator for robots. As the easy-getting products, the nozzle flapper type(More)
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