Jaejin Kim

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Direct transmission Raman measurements for analysis of pharmaceuticals in capsules are advantageous since they can be used to determine active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) concentrations in a non-destructive manner and with much less fluorescence background interference from the capsules themselves compared to conventional back-scattering measurements.(More)
Pellets composed of different weight-percent (wt-%) of lactose within a polyethylene (PE) matrix are used to examine how the physical thickness of solid samples impact analytical measurements performed over terahertz (THz) frequencies when using time-domain THz spectroscopy. Results indicate that the thickness of each pellet depends on the mass and physical(More)
The active pharmaceutical ingredient (ambroxol) in an intact capsule formulation has been non-destructively quantified using Raman spectroscopy. To improve the problem of insufficient representative sampling inherent in Raman measurements, we have employed a wide area illumination (WAI) scheme that enables much improved sample coverage through a circular(More)
We present a novel and simple method for patterning oxygen-sensitive polystyrene thin films and demonstrate its potential for integration with microfluidic lab-on-a-chip devices. Optical oxygen sensing films composed of polystyrene with an embedded luminescent oxygen-sensitive dye present a convenient option for the measurement of oxygen levels in(More)
A newly developed Raman collection scheme, a wide area illumination (WAI) scheme, was employed to demonstrate its utility for the analysis of petroleum products. For this purpose, the compositional analysis of simulated naphtha samples was attempted. The WAI scheme utilized a laser beam that illuminated a sample in a circular fashion with a diameter of 6 mm(More)
We demonstrated an on-line Raman measurement of polyethylene (PE) pellet density when it is flying in a sample line. While in flight, pellets are sparsely populated at spectral collection, a spectral collection strategy covering a large spatial volume (larger number of pellets simultaneously) is necessary to acquire reasonable Raman intensity. In addition,(More)
A diffuser-incorporated transmission near-infrared (NIR) scheme that enables direct spectral collection of packed granular samples with reliable sample representation and reproducibility has been demonstrated. The analytical utility of this method has been evaluated for the determination of polyethylene (PE) pellet density and the discrimination of the(More)
To investigate Raman spectral features of a coated biconvex tablet under variation of its orientation respective to laser illumination, spectra of the tablet were collected by illuminating laser on 12 different locations on the tablet with 3 different illumination angles of 45, 75 and 90°. The spectral variations were more substantial when the tablet faces(More)
Both near-infrared (NIR) and Raman spectroscopy have been studied for the quantitative measurement of components (H(3)PO(4), HNO(3), and CH(3)COOH) in an etchant solution and the corresponding prediction robustness has been evaluated. Both measurements were accomplished by illuminating radiation directly through a Teflon tube. Raman spectral features of(More)
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