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People treated under the U-Health system are potential patients, and their condition is generally not critical, so most of their vital sign data are normal. Therefore, it is more efficient if the sensors attached to them send only abnormal data selectively without sending all data. In this paper, we propose an arrhythmia detection method in which ECG(More)
This paper analyzes a vulnerability in the flash controller for secure USB drives, which is meant to enable secure USB drives to prevent unauthorized access to the data stored on them. This controller divides a driver into several partitions, one of which is configured as a secure area to store secret information. Generally, secure USB drives supporting(More)
There have been many warnings that automobiles are vulnerable to the attacks through the network, CAN which connects the ECUs (Electrical Control Units) embedded in the automobiles. Some previous studies showed that the warnings were actual treats. They analyzed the packets flowing on the network and used the packets constructed based on the analysis. We(More)
In USN systems, data streams are generated from sensor nodes. It is very important to find information from these data stream because data streams present practical phenomena. Data streams have temporal properties, so we can apply sequential pattern mining methods to data streams. However, because data streams are continuous and infinite, we need to develop(More)
Passive network elements such as splitter which compose ODN for PON provide advantages on the optical access network installation and management. However, as new customers for FTTH service are increasing, needs to manage ODN more intelligently is growing. In this paper, we introduce about Smart RN(Remote Node) and design its architecture. To gather the data(More)
Security storage products that need to provide real-time encryption and decryption usually store the prescheduled round keys in memory to support high-speed operation. An encryption key that is resident in memory is vulnerable, which may be exposed by key hacking tools such as "aeskeyfinder." This paper proposes a method to improve security by spreading the(More)