Jaehyung Lee

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Transmission control protocols have to overcome common problems in wireless networks. TCP employing both packet loss discrimination mechanism and available bandwidth estimation algorithm, known as the good existing solution, shows significant performance enhancement in wireless networks. For instance, TCP New Jersey which exhibits high throughput in(More)
—A high-performance fundamental frequency esti-mator inspired by the human auditory system is presented. It uses a cubic-root transform and contrast enhancement on the spectral domain to enhance weak harmonics and suppress noise. The proposed weighted unbiasing process reduces multiple or sub-multiple pitch errors efficiently. Evaluation is performed under(More)
Multidimensional recurrent neural networks (MDRNNs) have shown a remarkable performance in the area of speech and handwriting recognition. The performance of an MDRNN is improved by further increasing its depth, and the difficulty of learning the deeper network is overcome by using Hessian-free (HF) optimization. Given that connectionist temporal(More)
This letter looks at the physics behind sensory data by identifying the parameters that govern the physical system and estimating them from sensory observations. We extend Takens's delay-embedding theorem to the dynamical systems controlled by parameters. An embedding of the product space of the phase and the parameter spaces of the dynamical system can be(More)
We present a robust algorithm for independent component analysis that uses the sum of marginal quadratic negentropies as a dependence measure. It can handle arbitrary source density functions by using kernel density estimation, but is robust for a small number of samples by avoiding empirical expectation and directly calculating the integration of quadratic(More)