Jaehyung Lee

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NIMA-related kinase 2 (Nek2), a serine-threonine protein kinase, plays a major role in mitotic progression, including timing of mitotic entry, chromatin condensation, spindle organization, and cytokinesis. Nek2 overexpression results in premature centrosome separation, while kinase death Nek2 mutant expression or Nek2-depleted cells lead to centrosome(More)
BACKGROUND Nonnegative matrix factorization (NMF) is a feature extraction method that has the property of intuitive part-based representation of the original features. This unique ability makes NMF a potentially promising method for biological sequence analysis. Here, we apply NMF to fold recognition and remote homolog detection problems. Recent studies(More)
Standard unsupervised linear feature extraction methods find orthonormal (PCA) or statistically independent (ICA) latent variables that are good for data representation. These representative features may not be optimal for the classification tasks, thus requiring a search of linear projections that can give a good discriminative model. A semi-supervised(More)
This study introduces optical properties of a columnar structured zinc oxide [ZnO] antireflection coating for solar cells. We obtained ZnO films of columnar structure on glass substrates using a specially designed radio frequency magnetron sputtering system with different growth angles. Field-emission scanning electron microscopy was utilized to check the(More)
—A high-performance fundamental frequency esti-mator inspired by the human auditory system is presented. It uses a cubic-root transform and contrast enhancement on the spectral domain to enhance weak harmonics and suppress noise. The proposed weighted unbiasing process reduces multiple or sub-multiple pitch errors efficiently. Evaluation is performed under(More)
Au-coated vertical silicon nanowire electrode array (VSNEA) was fabricated using a combination of bottom-up and top-down approaches by chemical vapor deposition and complementary metal-oxide-semiconductor process for biomolecule sensing. To verify the feasibility for the detection of biomolecules, Au-coated VSNEA was functionalized using peptides having a(More)
In this study, HIV-1 Rev response element (RRE) RNA was detected via an Au-coated vertical silicon nanowire electrode array (VSNEA). The VSNEA was fabricated by combining bottom-up and top-down approaches and then immobilized by artificial peptides for the recognition of HIV-1 RRE. Differential pulse voltammetry (DPV) analysis was used to measure the(More)
Multidimensional recurrent neural networks (MDRNNs) have shown a remarkable performance in the area of speech and handwriting recognition. The performance of an MDRNN is improved by further increasing its depth, and the difficulty of learning the deeper network is overcome by using Hessian-free (HF) optimization. Given that connectionist temporal(More)