Jaehyun Choi

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Recently, MET exon 14 deletion (METex14del) has been postulated to be one potential mechanism for MET protein overexpression. We screened for the presence of METex14del transcript by multiplexed fusion transcript analysis using nCounter assay followed by confirmation with quantitative reverse transcription PCR with correlation to MET protein expression by(More)
The Met receptor tyrosine kinase is an attractive target for cancer therapy as it promotes invasive tumor growth. SAIT301 is a novel anti-Met antibody, which induces LRIG1-mediated Met degradation and inhibits tumor growth. However, detailed downstream mechanism by which LRIG1 mediates target protein down-regulation is unknown. In the present study, we(More)
The configuration management of a sensor network composed of tens or up to thousands of nodes is difficult due to the limit of memory space and energy consumption. This paper presents an approach for dynamic recon-figuration of application modules in sensor networks based on Nano-Qplus. The version information from proposed methods is registered into NVSync(More)
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