Jaehyun Choi

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The area postrema is a circumventricular organ that plays an important role in neurohumoral regulation of the circulation. We have developed a method to examine permeability and vascular responses of the microcirculation of the area postrema in vivo. A craniotomy was performed over the dorsal brain stem in anesthetized rats, and blood vessels to the area(More)
Calcium transients are known to control several transition points in the eukaryotic cell cycle. For example, we have previously shown that a coordinate elevation in the intracellular free calcium ion concentration is required for G1- to S-phase cell cycle progression in vascular smooth muscle cells (VSMC). However, the molecular basis for this Ca2+(More)
Recently, MET exon 14 deletion (METex14del) has been postulated to be one potential mechanism for MET protein overexpression. We screened for the presence of METex14del transcript by multiplexed fusion transcript analysis using nCounter assay followed by confirmation with quantitative reverse transcription PCR with correlation to MET protein expression by(More)
Wireless sensor network consisting of a large number of small sensors is effective for gathering various data in a variety of environments. Since each sensor operates on battery, energy efficient data transfer is indispensable to maximize the lifetime of the network. In this paper we propose a new data transfer protocol employed in large-scale wireless(More)
The rapid pace of technological advances creates many difficulties for R&D practitioners in analyzing emerging technologies. Patent information analysis is an effective tool in this situation. Conventional patent information analysis has focused on the extraction of vacant, promising, or core technologies and the monitoring of technological trends. From a(More)
The packets in the Internet are classified by edge router according to the traffic conditioning agreement (TCA) in differentiated services (DiffServ) domain. The core routers forward the packets in different fashion according to the PHB(Per Hop-Behavior). Currently, the QoS during handover is not guaranteed since packet buffering does not consider PHB(More)
This paper reports on experience inducting subcontractor process ontologies as part of research on the SEEK: Scalable Extraction of Enterprise Knowledge project at the University of Florida. We briefly review approaches to ontology generation and the application of those approaches to product/process ontologies in the AEC arena as well as process-oriented(More)
The configuration management of a sensor network composed of tens or up to thousands of nodes is difficult due to the limit of memory space and energy consumption. This paper presents an approach for dynamic recon-figuration of application modules in sensor networks based on Nano-Qplus. The version information from proposed methods is registered into NVSync(More)