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Giga Internet technology is considered as the next step of FTTH infrastructure technology for delivering high quality video broadcast service. Korean government is leading a trial service by deploying Giga Internet infrastructure. This paper explains about the Giga Internet network deployment and service delivering techniques. Based on the trial service,(More)
For the first time, an integral equation approach for the numerical assessment of Semiconductor Optical Amplifiers (SOAs) is proposed. Performance comparisons between the suggested formulation and the traditional transfer matrix method are carried out in terms of the computation costs in solving the multi-wave mixing process in bi-directional, high-power(More)
We propose a novel framework for the solution of a general fiber Raman amplifier problem by use of a closed integral form of a Raman equation. Treating the given problem as an adiabatic system and taking the Raman process as the perturbation parameter, we can seek the solution along the iteration axis rather than the fiber propagation axis, permitting an(More)
This paper proposes an autonomous coil alignment system (ACAS) for electric vehicles (EVs) with dynamic wireless charging (DWC) to mitigate the reduction in received power caused by lateral misalignment between the source and load coils. The key component of the ACAS is a novel sensor coil design, which can detect the load coil's left or right position(More)
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