Jaehyeong No

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—This paper discusses a technique for analyzing real data from flash memory cells. The goal is to identify and isolate various sources that cause the shifts and variations of the read values with respect to the intended write values. The analysis reveals how the neighboring cells interfere with the victim cell. Using the proposed analysis technique, the(More)
—Given the limited set of empirical input/output data from flash memory cells, we describe a technique to statistically analyze different sources that cause the mean-shifts and random fluctuations in the read values of the cells. In particular, for a given victim cell, we are able to quantify the amount of interference coming from any arbitrarily chosen set(More)
—This paper focuses on two-dimensional (2D) soft-input soft-output (SISO) equalization to mitigate intersymbol interference (ISI) among symbols that arise within a 2D array of data cells. The proposed method is based on arranging multiple component equalizers to exchange soft information with one another to enhance decision quality in an iterative manner.(More)
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