Jaehwan John Lee

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Recommendation systems are a popular marketing strategy for online service providers. These systems predict a customer's future preferences from the past behaviors of that customer and the other customers. Most of the popular online stores process millions of transactions per day; therefore, providing quick and quality recommendations using the large amount(More)
This article presents a novel Parallel Deadlock Detection Algorithm (PDDA) and its hardware implementation, Deadlock Detection Unit (DDU). PDDA uses simple Boolean representations of request, grant, and no activity so that the hardware implementation of PDDA becomes easier and operates faster. We prove the correctness of PDDA and that the DDU has a runtime(More)
Due to rapid technology advance, multiprocessor system-on-chips (MPSoCs) are likely to become commodity computing platforms for embedded applications. In the future, it is possible that an MPSoC is equipped with a large number of processing elements as well as on-chip resources. The management of these faces many challenges, among which deadlock is one of(More)
Numerous monitoring applications such as traffic control systems, border patrol monitoring, and person locater services generate a large number of multimedia data streams that need to be analyzed and processed using image processing and data stream management techniques in order to detect significant events of interest or abnormal conditions. Such(More)
— Future high performance computing systems may consist of multiple processors and reconfigurable logic co-processors. As indicated by industry trends, such co-processors will be integrated on existing motherboards without any glue logic. It is likely that such hybrid computing machines will be a breakthrough for various high performance applications. As a(More)
In this demo, we present the StreamFitter system for real-time regression analysis on continuous data streams. In order to perform regression on data streams, it is necessary to continuously update the regression model parameters while receiving new data. In this demo, we will present two approaches for on-line, multi-dimensional linear regression analysis(More)
—Robot systems are developed using various hardware and software components. In conventional design methodology, each hardware component and its software are strongly coupled such that it is not easy to replace or expand them separately. For the independent development and replacement of hardware and software components, this paper proposes a novel robot(More)
— In the future, high performance computing systems may consist of multiple multicore processors and reconfigurable logic coprocessors. Industry trends indicate that such coprocessors will be socket compatible to microprocessors and will be integrated on existing multiprocessor motherboards without any glue logic. Due to these trends, it is likely that such(More)