Jaehun Lee

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SUMMARY A new structure learning approach for Bayesian networks (BNs) based on dual genetic algorithm (DGA) is proposed in this paper. An individual of the population is represented as a dual chromosome composed of two chromosomes. The first chromosome represents the ordering among the BN nodes and the second represents the conditional dependencies among(More)
If f is a binary word and d a positive integer, then the generalized Fibonacci cube Q d (f) is the graph obtained from the d-cube Q d by removing all the vertices that contain f as a factor, while the generalized Lucas cube Q d (↽ f) is the graph obtained from Q d by removing all the vertices that have a circulation containing f as a factor. The Fibonacci(More)
A novel range-free localization algorithm based on the multidimensional support vector regression (MSVR) is proposed in this paper. The range-free localization problem is formulated as a multidimensional regression problem, and a new MSVR training method is proposed to solve the regression problem. Unlike standard support vector regression, the proposed(More)
Recent advances in smart devices and mobile communication technologies have changed the way organizations and individuals collaborate. Collaboration with ever-connected mobile devices (mobile collaboration) becomes increasingly more popular and common over traditional collaboration means like video conferencing. Mobile collaborative applications can be(More)
Along with the development of mobile devices, it became convenient to produce and consume media contents and accordingly, various media applications have been developed. Proliferation of media contents and the desire to share them with others necessitate novel mobile software technologies that enable convenient and efficient media sharing. While current(More)
The generalized Fibonacci cube Q d (f) is the subgraph of the d-cube Q d induced on the set of all strings of length d that do not contain f as a substring. It is proved that if Q d (f) ∼ = Q d (f) then |f | = |f |. The key tool to prove this result is a result of Guibas and Odlyzko about the autocorrelation polynomial associated to a binary string. An(More)