Jaehui Park

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Given a large collection of objects, finding all pairs of similar objects, namely similarity join, is widely used to solve various problems in many application domains.Computation time of similarity join is critical issue, since similarity join requires computing similarity values for all possible pairs of objects. Several existing algorithms adopt prefix(More)
An increasing number of Web applications are allowing users to play more active roles for enriching the source content. The enriched data can be used for various applications such as text summarization, opinion mining and ontology creation. In this paper, we propose a novel Web content summarization method that creates a text summary by exploiting user(More)
Keyword search can provide users an easy method to query large and complex databases without any knowledge of structured query languages or underlying database schema. Most of the existing studies have focused on generating candidate structured queries relevant to keywords. Due to the large size of generated queries, the execution costs may be prohibitive.(More)
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