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We investigated the influence of stand density [938 tree ha(-1) for high stand density (HD), 600 tree ha(-1) for medium stand density (MD), and 375 tree ha(-1) for low stand density (LD)] on soil CO(2) efflux (R (S)) in a 70-year-old natural Pinus densiflora S. et Z. forest in central Korea. Concurrent with R (S) measurements, we measured litterfall, total(More)
We determined a suitable amount of fertilizer for konara oak (Quercus serrata) and Japanese zelkova (Zelkova serrata) planted in a harvested pitch pine (Pinus rigida) plantation. Two-year-old bare-root seedlings of konara oak and one-year-old containerized seedlings of Japanese zelkova were planted in April 2011. Three plots were established for each tree(More)
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