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The Procedural Reasoning System (PRS) is a general purpose reasoning system that is particularly suited for use in domains in which there are predetermined procedures for handling the situations that might arise. We have just completed an implementation of PRS written in C++, which we call the University of Michigan Procedural Reasoning System (UM-PRS). In(More)
We previously localized a new form of recessive ataxia with generalized tonic-clonic epilepsy and mental retardation to a 19 Mb interval in 16q21-q23 by homozygosity mapping of a large consanguineous Saudi Arabian family. We now report the identification by whole exome sequencing of the missense mutation changing proline 47 into threonine in the first WW(More)
Downsizing the number of operators controlling complex systems can increase the decision-making demands on remaining operators, particularly in crisis situations. An answer to this problem is to offload decision-making tasks from people to computational processes, and to use these processes to focus and expedite human decision making. In this paper, we(More)
A variety of reactive plan execution systems have been developed in recent years, each attempting to solve the problem of taking reasonable courses of action fast enough in a dynamically changing world. Comparing these competing approaches, and collecting the best features of each, has been problematic because of the diverse representations and (sometimes(More)
Kurtoxin is a 63-amino acid polypeptide isolated from the venom of the South African scorpion Parabuthus transvaalicus. It is the first and only peptide ligand known to interact with Cav3 (T-type) voltage-gated Ca(2+) channels with high affinity and to modify the voltage-dependent gating of these channels. Here we describe the nuclear magnetic resonance(More)
The WW domain containing protein WWOX has been postulated to behave as a tumor suppressor in breast and other cancers. Expression of this protein is lost in over 70% of ER negative tumors. This prompted us to investigate the phenotypic and gene expression effects of loss of WWOX expression in breast cells. Gene expression microarrays and standard in vitro(More)
The Extended Kalman Filter (EKF) method has some problems for SOC estimation such as a long calculation time and high sensitivity to parameter errors and disturbance. This paper proposes a reduced order EKF including an observation noise model and data rejection. To reduce calculation time, the battery model is simplified and the EKF is built as a reduced(More)
A rational agent in a multiagent world must decide on its actions based on the decisions it expects others to make, but it might believe that they in turn might be basing decisions on what they believe the initial agent will decide. Such reciprocal rationality leads to a nesting of models that can potentially become intractable. To solve such problems, game(More)
—A new control algorithm has been developed, consisting of a buck-type dc/dc converter, which is used in a parallel-operated photovoltaic battery charging system. From the past research, it has been analyzed that the current loop that is generally used in the parallel operation of the power conditioner has an inherent stability problem in the large-signal(More)