Jaeheon Chung

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BACKGROUND The biplane fluoroscopy guided robot system (BFRS) was developed for surgical robotic systems, minimally invasive surgeries, and cooperative robotic systems, as well as enhanced surgical planning and navigation with preoperative and intraoperative image data. OBJECTIVE To propose a novel surgical robot system for percutaneous pedicle screw(More)
Two parallel mechanisms, a 1T2R (one translational motion and 2-DOF rotational motions) and a 1T3R (one translational motion and 3-DOF spherical motion), are proposed. The 1T2R mechanism consists of three sub chains. Specifically, the middle sub chain has a similar joint arrangement with a PRR serial mechanism. Two revolute joints located at the top plate(More)
A hybrid 6-DOF (degrees of freedom) mechanism which has closed-form forward and inverse position solutions is proposed. It consists of two different modules, a planar 3-DOF parallel module and a spatial 1T2R (1-DOF translational motion and 2-DOF rotational motions) parallel mechanism. Both modules have forward and inverse closed-form position solutions and(More)
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