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We propose a new coarse frequency offset estimation algorithm in orthogonal frequency-division multiplexing systems, which performs robust operation in the presence of a symbol timing offset within an allowed range. The effect of a symbol timing offset on estimating a coarse frequency offset is analyzed, and the coherence phase bandwidth according to the(More)
A high- superconducting (HTS) dc cable system consists of an HTS conductor, cooling system, insulating materials, and high-voltage insulation. The insulating materials and high-voltage insulation at cryogenic temperature can be developed for longer life, reliability, and compactness of HTS dc cables. Polypropylene laminated paper (PPLP) has been widely used(More)
Studies on friendships in online social networks involving geographic distance have so far relied on the city location provided in users’ profiles. Consequently, most of the research on friendships have provided accuracy at the city level, at best, to designate a user’s location. This study analyzes a Twitter dataset because it provides the exact geographic(More)
Injustice is a three to five minute interactive virtual reality (VR) experience themed around racially motivated police brutality. In Injustice, guests witness an act of racial discrimination happening in front of them, forcing them to make moral and ethical decisions on the spot. The guest comes face to face with the characters of the story, filmed with(More)
As virtual reality becomes available to a wider audience, filmmakers are being challenged to create ever more immersive and creative narratives for this quickly evolving medium. While many of the early attempts at virtual reality filmmaking have been devoted to the creation of quick paced and aw-inspiring experiences, filmmakers such as Chris Milk and(More)
BACKGROUND Recently, there has been a rapid increase in the development and use of health apps on smartphones. In spite of research on such technologies, there exist considerable gaps between health app use and our understandings of such technology. Therefore, this study explored the process of leading people to keep using health apps, mainly based on the(More)
We report a multi nozzle electrohydrodynamic (EHD) printing head by using batch fabrication for the first time. Inks can be ejected from a glass nozzle by applied large electric field. Tiny nozzles with a outer diameter of 100 microns are fabricated by sand blasting on a glass wafer. A stable continuous jetting with a commercial carbon black ink was(More)
We present the pressure dependence of drop size in electrohydrodynamic(EHD) inkjet printing. A commercial dye ink in an ink reservoir was printed on an aluminum-coated silicon wafer by applying an electrostatic field between a Pt wire inserted in a capillary and the substrate. The Pt wire was connected to an high voltage amplifier and a DC high voltage up(More)