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The use of wireless sensors in healthcare has given rise to a new field called wireless body area networks (BAN). A sensor node used in a BAN has limited resources in terms of processing power, battery and memory. It is of outmost importance that the use of power is controlled in such a way that these nodes work longer. Media access control (MAC) layer(More)
In this paper, to provide QoS guarantee and path diversity for WPAN mesh network, a PNC selective MAC protocol is proposed. In the protocol, one device simultaneously communicates with several PNCs within one PNCG (PNC Group). Thus, an efficient communication system also can be achieved by selecting an optimal PNC according to the channel conditions.(More)
In the field of communication technology the wireless networking system is rapidly escalating. Due to the usefulness and huge applications of this modern technology it is very important to make the system more effective to the users. In the functional point of view the effectiveness requiring certain criteria including lower energy consumption, security,(More)
Wireless USB is the new technology based on UWB to configure wireless environment of home, office, hospital and so on by removing wires among USB hosts and USB devices. In this paper, a method is proposed to generate test cases automatically for WUSB protocol. Using our method, we can generate WUSB test cases conveniently without errors and get improved(More)
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