Jaebong Son

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In a relatively short interval for an emerging technology, nanotechnology has made a significant economic impact in numerous sectors including semiconductor manufacturing, catalysts, medicine, agriculture, and energy production. A part of the United States (US) government investment in basic research has been realized in the last two decades through the(More)
Social media is being increasingly used as a political communication channel. The web makes it easy to spread extreme opinions or ideologies that were once restricted to small groups. Terrorists and extremists use the web to deliver their extreme ideology to people and encourage them to get involved in fanatic behaviors. In this research, we aim to(More)
Web forums offer open and interactive social communication platforms for numerous participants to share information and offer perspectives on a variety of business and social issues with audiences around the world. In addition to facilitating widespread communication, these web forums contain massive amounts of data and represent rich sources of information(More)
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