JaeJeung Kim

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Networked computers provide an environment for students to work, learn, explore and think in small groups of peers connected globally. However, previous CSCL (Computer Supported Collaborative Learning) studies consider primitive level of knowledge sharing and knowledge building on Web 2.0 environment. In this study we propose the architecture of collective(More)
Displays providing different information at many different locations are exponentially increasing. Under this pervasive display environment, users may be provided with customized information in real-time at each point of interest (POI). However what type of information to be provided is not easy to define. In this paper, architecture for information(More)
People obtain location information through on/offline activities and they are represented into a 'verbal description' in their daily communication. The description of a certain location is shared by people through blogs, e-mails, and many other forms of communication. However the location descriptions may vary among people due to different perception,(More)
Motivation has never been so important since the learning environment is evolving into a self-centered, distant learning. In this paper, we introduce a motivational thermostat framework, developed based on theoretically grounded pedagogy and motivation tactics from multiple dimensions. Its mechanism maintains learner’s motivational state in between(More)
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