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The MUC1 protein is aberrantly expressed on many solid tumor cancers. In contrast to its apical clustering on healthy epithelial cells, it is uniformly distributed over cancer cells. However, a mechanistic link between aberrant expression and cancer has remained elusive. Herein, we report that a membrane-bound MUC1 cleavage product, that we call MUC1*, is(More)
Appreciation is extended to all S-278 regional project participants who provided comments on an earlier version of this paper, especially Jeff LaFrance and to Jug Capps, two anonymous reviewers, and the editor for comments that helped improve the paper. Deborah Reed is thanked for providing the grading key used in measuring health information knowledge and(More)
Immune cells are somewhat unique in that activation responses can alter quantitative phenotypes upwards of 100,000-fold. To date little is known about the metabolic adaptations necessary to mount such dramatic phenotypic shifts. Screening for novel regulators of macrophage activation, we found nonprotein kinases of glucose metabolism among the most enriched(More)
Consumer opinions, experiences, and product recommendations posted on online WOM sites have become a major information source in consumer purchase decisions. However, prior research has largely focused on the influence of a single source of WOM – particularly retailer-hosted WOM. This study investigates the relative impact of multiple WOM information on(More)
User participations in virtual communities include both information seeking and sharing behaviors to varying degrees. The intentions to share and to seek information may have different motivations.. However, existing studies rarely analyze the intentions for both types of behaviors. This study explicates the antecedents of the two types of usage intentions(More)
Using data from a new field experiment in South Korea, we study how information from virtual communities such as stock message boards influences investors' trading decisions and investment performance. Motivated by recent studies in psychology, we conjecture that investors would use message boards to seek information that confirms their prior beliefs. This(More)
Individuals may seek and read others' opinions or may want to interact with others after participating in virtual communities. Information, opinions, and advice in virtual communities may drive individuals to make decisions. However, the value of information may vary from person to person. Individuals with different perceptions and experiences may(More)