JaeCheol Ryou

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Many Network Intrusion Detection System(NIDS)s have been developed to detect and respond against several kinds of intrusion activities in widespread networks. Due to the explosive growth of network bandwidth, software approach in developing a high-speed NIDS is becoming impractical due to the performance constraint. Accordingly, it seems unavoidable to(More)
For the Personal Cloud Storage, security is an important issue. There is latent threat when it comes to the data loss or leakage which may be committed by malicious Cloud Service Provider (CSP) employee. The most basic solution is to encrypt user's data. However, when the encryption key is directly managed by CSP or user's device, then there is latent(More)
There are various kinds of sensor network implementations on the Earth. They are different with respect to the topology, communication protocol between nodes, sensor types supported, sensing value types, etc. In addition to these sensor networks, RFID and mobile RFID is the member of a ubiquitous sensor network infrastructure (called as USN in Korea). To(More)
The ubiquitous computing environment has been realized with the proliferation of wireless communication technologies, which has improved our lives in many ways. A mobile ecosystem is a representative example. We are using various services with a smartphone based on the well-organized wireless network. However, the development of the smartphone environment(More)
As distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks have caused serious economic and social problems, there have been numerous researches to defend against them. The current DDoS defense system relies on a dedicated security device, which is located in front of the server it is required to protect. To detect DDoS attacks, this security device compares incoming(More)
Secret sharing scheme is a cryptographic technology that safely manages password keys by dividing them into segments. Existing (k, n) threshold secret sharing scheme has a problem of allowing recovery of original secret information by collecting k or more random segments among divided secret information segments. To resolve such problem, this paper proposes(More)
In the environment like the Cloud computing or the picture archiving and communications systems (PACS) of the hospital, the user’s data is stored in the storage of a third party. In such entrusted management environment, security is an important issue for the user’s private data. The most basic solution is to encrypt user’s private data. However, if the(More)
We have developed a user-level dynamic binary instrumentation (DBI) tool on ARM architecture to enable applying various analysis techniques such as performance evaluation, profiling, and bug detection. Most of existing DBI tools are based on the x86 architecture. As demands for the similar approaches mainly performed in x86 are getting higher in an embedded(More)