JaeCheol Ryou

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Mobile RFID is a new application that provides a valuable service to users with mobile communication. Current RFID authentication schemes are not viable to use in mobile RFID environment. Since unlike in regular RFID environments, whereas the communication channel between the server and the reader is assumed to be secure, the communication channel between(More)
In the environment like the Cloud computing or the picture archiving and communications systems (PACS) of the hospital, the user’s data is stored in the storage of a third party. In such entrusted management environment, security is an important issue for the user’s private data. The most basic solution is to encrypt user’s private data. However, if the(More)
As distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks have caused serious economic and social problems, there have been numerous researches to defend against them. The current DDoS defense system relies on a dedicated security device, which is located in front of the server it is required to protect. To detect DDoS attacks, this security device compares incoming(More)
sharing scheme is a cryptographic technology that safely manages password keys by dividing them into segments. Existing (k, n) threshold secret sharing scheme has a problem of allowing recovery of original secret information by collecting k or more random segments among divided secret information segments. To resolve such problem, this paper proposes a one(More)
Many Network Intrusion Detection System(NIDS)s have been developed to detect and respond against several kinds of intrusion activities in widespread networks. Due to the explosive growth of network bandwidth, software approach in developing a high-speed NIDS is becoming impractical due to the performance constraint. Accordingly, it seems unavoidable to(More)
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