Jae-woo Chung

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This paper describes a real-time music-arranging system that reacts to immediate affective cues from a listener. Data was collected on the potential of certain musical dimensions to elicit change in a listener's affective state using sound files created explicitly for the experiment through composition/production, segmentation, and re-assembly of music(More)
Although a large amount of research has been done on building interfaces for the visually impaired that allows users to read web pages and to generate and access information on computers, little development addresses two problems faced by the blind users. First, sighted users can rapidly browse and select information they find useful, and second, sighted(More)
Our Translation Assistant applies common sense logic to the problem of translating speech in real time from one language to another. Using speech recognition combined with a software translator to do word-by-word translation is not feasible because speech recognition is notorious for poor results. Word-by-word translation requires grammatically correct(More)
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