Jae-woo Chung

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This thesis describes the design and development of a system that is aimed for enhancing safety and security using cellular phones. This system has two main components: a master phone application to assist people who need to take care of their loved ones, and a slave phone application to provide help to care-recipients who need attention from their(More)
This paper describes a real-time music-arranging system that reacts to immediate affective cues from a listener. Data was collected on the potential of certain musical dimensions to elicit change in a listener's affective state using sound files created explicitly for the experiment through composition/production, segmentation, and re-assembly of music(More)
Interspecific hybridization occurs regularly in wild Heliconius butterflies, although hybrid individuals are usually very rare. However, hybridization generally occurs only between the most closely related species. We report a rare naturally occurring hybrid between non-sister species and carry out the first genetic analysis of such distant hybridization.(More)
Although a large amount of research has been done on building interfaces for the visually impaired that allows users to read web pages and to generate and access information on computers, little development addresses two problems faced by the blind users. First, sighted users can rapidly browse and select information they find useful, and second, sighted(More)
BACKGROUND Inhibition and eradication of Staphylococcus aureus biofilms with conventional antibiotic is difficult, and the treatment is further complicated by the rise of antibiotic resistance among staphylococci. Consequently, there is a need for novel antimicrobials that can treat biofilm-related infections and decrease antibiotics burden. Natural(More)
Our Translation Assistant applies common sense logic to the problem of translating speech in real time from one language to another. Using speech recognition combined with a software translator to do word-by-word translation is not feasible because speech recognition is notorious for poor results. Word-by-word translation requires grammatically correct(More)
184 Letters to the Editor Fig. 1. (A) Peripheral blood smear showing mature lymphocytes with dense chromatin, no nucleoli, and scanty agranular cytoplasm (Wright-Giemsa stain, ×1,000). (B) Bone marrow lymphocytosis on aspirate (Wright-Giemsa stain, ×1,000). toplasmosis diagnosed on bone marrow aspirate cytology: report of four cases. Unusual association of(More)
BACKGROUND Automated Mediace Treponema pallidum latex agglutination (TPLA) and Mediace rapid plasma reagin (RPR) assays are used by many laboratories for syphilis diagnosis. This study compared the results of the traditional syphilis screening algorithm and a reverse algorithm using automated Mediace RPR or Mediace TPLA as first-line screening assays in(More)
OBJECTIVES An outbreak of acute febrile illness occurred in the Republic of Korea Air Force boot camp from May to July 2011. An epidemiological investigation of the causative agent, which was of a highly infective nature, was conducted. METHODS Throat swabs were carried out and a multiplex reverse transcriptase-polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR) assay was(More)
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