Jae-sun Park

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We investigated chamber-specific gene expression by isolating a 2.2-kb polymerase chain reaction product containing the 5'-flanking region of the zebrafish ventricular myosin heavy-chain gene (vmhc). Promoter analysis revealed that the fragment, consisting of nucleotides from -301 to +26, is sufficient for vmhc promoter activity. Among several putative(More)
The Korea Biobank Project (KBP) was led by the Ministry of Health and Welfare to establish a network between the National Biobank of Korea and biobanks run by university-affiliated general hospitals (regional biobanks). The Ministry of Health and Welfare started the project to enhance medical and health technology by collecting, managing, and providing(More)
Arsenite is an environmental toxicant that is associated with vascular disease; however, the underlying mechanism of its toxicity has yet to be elucidated. Vascular stability appears to be tightly regulated by several vasoactive proteins produced by two adjacent vascular cells, endothelial cells (EC) and pericytes. The disruption of vascular stability may(More)
Klebsiella oxytoca CCUG 15788 is resistant to Ni2+ at a concentration of 10 mM and grows in an inducible manner when exposed to lower concentrations of Ni2+. The complete genomic sequence of a 4.2-kb HindIII-digested fragment of this strain was determined from genomic DNA. It was shown to contain four nickel resistance genes (nirA, nirB, nirC, and nirD)(More)
Geospatial information and service technology has evolved from 3-dimensional geospatial information to multidimensional geospatial information, and further advanced into a service that associates real-time multi-dimensional geospatial information and non-visual information. The geospatial information service supplied only visual location and attribute(More)
This paper displays how to derive the factors of Ubiquitous Sensor Network (hereafter, USN) technology that comprise inspection, plan, construction and maintenance ahead of launching construction of intercity highways that are the key to civil constructions for urbanization. And it also shows the plan of USN technologies currently adopted in each process of(More)
Victivallis vadensis ATCC BAA-548 is a Gram-negative, anaerobic bacterium that was isolated from a human fecal sample. From the genomic sequence of V. vadensis, one gene was found to encode agarase; however, its enzymatic properties have never been characterized. The gene encoding the putative agarase (NCBI reference number ZP_01923925) was cloned by PCR(More)
With advanced construction technology, bridges and tunnels become larger in scale with increasing length and depth. To improve safety of the facility and its users in stage of construction and maintenance, the need for continued measurement and monitoring rises. USN (ubiquitous sensor network) technology can enable such measurement and monitoring for road(More)
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