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The Korea Biobank Project (KBP) was led by the Ministry of Health and Welfare to establish a network between the National Biobank of Korea and biobanks run by university-affiliated general hospitals (regional biobanks). The Ministry of Health and Welfare started the project to enhance medical and health technology by collecting, managing, and providing(More)
Geospatial information and service technology has evolved from 3-dimensional geospatial information to multidimensional geospatial information, and further advanced into a service that associates real-time multi-dimensional geospatial information and non-visual information. The geospatial information service supplied only visual location and attribute(More)
This paper displays how to derive the factors of Ubiquitous Sensor Network (hereafter, USN) technology that comprise inspection, plan, construction and maintenance ahead of launching construction of intercity highways that are the key to civil constructions for urbanization. And it also shows the plan of USN technologies currently adopted in each process of(More)
With advanced construction technology, bridges and tunnels become larger in scale with increasing length and depth. To improve safety of the facility and its users in stage of construction and maintenance, the need for continued measurement and monitoring rises. USN (ubiquitous sensor network) technology can enable such measurement and monitoring for road(More)
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