Jae Young Seo

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Fewer than 20 cases of adventitial cystic disease of the vein have been reported in the worldwide literature. This small number of reported cases may be due not only to the disease's low incidence, but also to the difficulty in making the proper diagnosis. Many techniques have been used to investigate this disease, but venography has been the traditional(More)
The BRAF(V600E) mutation test has been more effective in thyroid nodules with suspicious US features than ones without suspicious features. Therefore, we investigated the role of the BRAF(V600E) mutation as an additional study to cytology in diagnosing a thyroid nodule without suspicious US features. This study was performed at Severance hospital from(More)
PURPOSE We investigated the merit of ultrasound (US) features and BRAF(V600E) mutation as an additional study of cytology and compared the diagnostic performances of cytology alone, cytology with US correlation, cytology with BRAFV600E mutation, and a combination of cytology, US, and BRAFV600E mutation all together. MATERIALS AND METHODS This study(More)
The purpose of this study was to evaluate the diagnostic performance of quantitative histogram parameters using real-time tissue elastography (RTE) in the diagnosis of patients with diffuse thyroid disease. One hundred and sixteen patients (mean age, 43.7 ± 10.97 y) who had undergone pre-operative staging ultrasonography and RTE were included. For each(More)
The incidence of small thyroid malignancy has increased. However, there is no evidence-based guideline for managing thyroid nodules ≤ 5 mm on ultrasonography (US). We evaluated how to manage thyroid nodules ≤ 5 mm. Thyroid nodules ≤ 5 mm in size on US that had undergone surgery and US-guided fine-needle aspiration were eligible. A total of 3,117 thyroid(More)
Having an efficient location management scheme for mobile stations (MSs) is very important for optimizing the performance of mobile cellular systems. In this study, a distance-based registration (DBR) scheme and an enhanced DBR scheme are examined. According to computer simulations on the DBR scheme, we show that most MSs tend to distribute around the(More)
In this study, we propose an improved version of the dynamic movement-based location update scheme that stores all cells visited by the MS, and their neighboring cells, to reduce the location update cost of the dynamic movement-based location update scheme. We show that a significant reduction in the location update cost is achieved in our scheme. We also(More)
Sustainable water resource management requires the assessment of hydrological changes in response to climate fluctuations and anthropogenic activities in any given area. A quantitative estimation of water balance entities is important to understand the variations within a basin. Water resources in remote areas with little infrastructure and technological(More)
BACKGROUND We investigated the additional diagnostic yield of the mutation test and evaluated the frequency of the BRAF mutation in conventional PTC (cPTC) according to ultrasound (US) features and the Bethesda System for Reporting Thyroid Cytopathology (BSRTC) based on the BRAFV600E mutation status. MATERIALS AND METHODS During the study period, 279(More)
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