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OBJECTIVE We investigated the prevalence of sarcopenic obesity (SO) and its relationship with metabolic syndrome in a community-based elderly cohort in Korea. RESEARCH DESIGN AND METHODS In this study, 287 men and 278 women aged 65 or older were recruited. Sarcopenia was defined as the appendicular skeletal muscle mass (ASM) divided by height squared(More)
BACKGROUND The study aimed to investigate the influence of hyperglycemia on muscle quality in older men with type 2 diabetes. METHODS This was a subsidiary study of the Korean Longitudinal Study of Health and Aging. Among 326 older men consenting to tests of body composition and muscle strength, 269 men were ultimately analyzed after the exclusion because(More)
OBJECTIVES Although muscle mass has been shown to be positively related with bone mineral density (BMD), there are only a few studies that investigated the association between muscle strength or muscle quality and BMD. We investigated the effects of muscle strength and muscle fat infiltration, as a measure of muscle quality, adjusted for muscle mass on(More)
The uniform growth of single-crystal graphene over wafer-scale areas remains a challenge in the commercial-level manufacturability of various electronic, photonic, mechanical, and other devices based on graphene. Here, we describe wafer-scale growth of wrinkle-free single-crystal monolayer graphene on silicon wafer using a hydrogen-terminated germanium(More)
It is crucial to investigate age-related body composition changes in geriatric medicine. Bioelectrical impedance analysis (BIA) is easy to perform, non-invasive, relatively inexpensive, and portable. However, the accuracy of measurement by BIA is questionable. To develop and cross-validate the predictive equation for estimated appendicular skeletal muscle(More)
Age-related body composition changes such as sarcopenia and obesity affect functional decline in the elderly. We investigated the relationship between body composition parameters and functional limitation in older Korean adults. We enrolled 242 men and 231 women aged ≥ 65 yr from the Korean elderly cohort. We used appendicular skeletal muscle mass (ASM)(More)
This study examined the effect of a combined program of exercise training and self-management education on risk factors for diabetes complications and adherence behavior. A two-group, quasi-experimental study design was used to test the 12-week intervention program with community-dwelling older adults in Korea. Change scores (from baseline to Week 13) of(More)
Edge detection is a significant step in image processing. Morphological edge detectors developed until now used a fixed structuring element (SE) on all the image pixels; however, they cannot consider the local features of an image due to the fixed SE and we should choose an appropriate SE by lots of experiments. In this paper, new morphological edge(More)
PURPOSE αB-crystallin is a small heat shock protein that acts as a molecular chaperone under various stress conditions. Microtubules, which consist of tubulin, are related to maintain the intracellular organelles and cellular morphology. These two proteins have been shown to be related to the properties of different types of myofibers based on their(More)
BACKGROUND white blood cells (WBCs) have been known to mediate the inflammatory process, which may be a pivotal mechanism for atherosclerosis and cardiovascular mortality. OBJECTIVE we investigated which WBC subtypes increased cardiovascular mortality and explored its connection to coronary artery diseases in a prospective study among older Koreans. (More)