Jae-Young Kim

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In this paper, we propose a new modulation scheme for high-data rate wireless body area network inbody communication systems. Simulation results are presented in terms of performance, modulation options, spectrum regrowth by nonlinearity and roll-off values of a pulse shaping filter. In addition, the planning for link budget explains that the proposed(More)
We report the first case of the successful measurements of a localized spin antiferromagnetic transition in delafossite-type PdCrO2 by angle-resolved photoemission spectroscopy (ARPES). This demonstrates how to circumvent the shortcomings of ARPES for investigation of magnetism involved with localized spins in limited size of two-dimensional crystals or(More)
transmit diversity schemes for use in interference-limited cellular systems. We focus on evaluating the performance of Alamouti space time block codes (STBC) and cyclic delay diversity (CDD) codes, which are being actively considered for adoption within the 3GPP-Long-Term-Evolution (LTE) and 802.16e WiMAX standards. While the performance of transmit(More)
This paper evaluates the data from the recent financial crisis to examine the risk spillover effects of financial markets value at risk (VaR), which captures the extreme behavior of an asset, is considered a measure of risk in an asset or in a market. We hypothesize that an extreme downside movement of returns in a market measured by a VaR has negative(More)
In this paper we study some aspects of North Korean economy through her import behavior. We have found that for North Korean economy some non-market factors are important determinants of the import behavior. Those non-market factors are the country's political situations, its political relation with two communist superpowers, and its relation with the(More)