Jae-Young Kim

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In this paper, we propose a new modulation scheme for high-data rate wireless body area network inbody communication systems. Simulation results are presented in terms of performance, modulation options, spectrum regrowth by nonlinearity and roll-off values of a pulse shaping filter. In addition, the planning for link budget explains that the proposed(More)
transmit diversity schemes for use in interference-limited cellular systems. We focus on evaluating the performance of Alamouti space time block codes (STBC) and cyclic delay diversity (CDD) codes, which are being actively considered for adoption within the 3GPP-Long-Term-Evolution (LTE) and 802.16e WiMAX standards. While the performance of transmit(More)
This paper presents modified PSSK scheme with phase offset to eliminate 180° phase change between adjacent symbols. The proposed scheme uses different signal constellation for the different silence period of PSSK. Phase offset between the constellations is applied in proposed OPSSK. Simulation results of error performances and spectral re-growth are(More)
This paper proposes a new modulation scheme for high data rate WBAN in-body communication systems. We propose a π/4-shifted differential 8-PSSK scheme that includes its architectures for the transmitter and receiver. Simulation results are presented in terms of performance, modulation options and frequency tolerance.
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