Jae-Young Kim

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The development of nanocrystals has been intensively pursued, not only for their fundamental scientific interest, but also for many technological applications. The synthesis of monodisperse nanocrystals (size variation <5%) is of key importance, because the properties of these nanocrystals depend strongly on their dimensions. For example, the colour(More)
This paper studies how to detect structural change characterized by a shift in persistence of a time series. In particular, we are interested in a process shifting from stationarity to nonstationarity or vice versa. A general linear process is considered that includes an ARMA process as a special one. We derive a statistic for testing the occurrence of such(More)
Interactions between Wnts, Fgfs and Tbx genes are involved in limb initiation and the same gene families have been implicated in mammary gland development. Here we explore how these genes act together in mammary gland initiation. We compared expression of Tbx3, the gene associated with the human condition ulnar-mammary syndrome, expression of the gene(More)
The aim of this study was to investigate the influence of pyrolysis temperature on the physicochemical properties and structure of biochar. Biochar was produced by fast pyrolysis of pitch pine (Pinus rigida) using a fluidized bed reactor at different pyrolysis temperatures (300, 400 and 500 °C). The produced biochars were characterized by elemental(More)
We investigate a model protein interaction network whose links represent interactions between individual proteins. This network evolves by the functional duplication of proteins, supplemented by random link addition to account for mutations. When link addition is dominant, an infinite-order percolation transition arises as a function of the addition rate.(More)
TAK1 kinase is an indispensable intermediate in several cytokine signaling pathways including tumor necrosis factor, interleukin-1, and transforming growth factor-beta signaling pathways. TAK1 also participates in stress-activated intracellular signaling pathways such as osmotic stress signaling pathway. TAK1-binding protein 1 (TAB1) is constitutively(More)
Mice and rats, two species of rodents, show some dental similarities such as tooth number and cusp number, and differences such as tooth size and cusp size. In this study, the tooth size, tooth number, cusp size and cusp number, which are four major factors of the tooth patterning, were investigated by the heterospecific recombinations of tissues from the(More)
Phytochelatins (PCs) with good binding affinities for a wide range of heavy metals were exploited to develop microbial sorbents for cadmium removal. PC synthase from Schizosaccharomyces pombe (SpPCS) was overexpressed in Escherichia coli, resulting in PC synthesis and 7.5-times-higher Cd accumulation. The coexpression of a variant gamma-glutamylcysteine(More)
When eukaryotic proteins with multiple disulfide bonds are expressed at high levels in Escherichia coli, the efficiency of thiol oxidation and isomerization is typically not sufficient to yield soluble products with native structures. Even when such proteins are secreted into the oxidizing periplasm or expressed in the cytoplasm of cells carrying mutations(More)
During secondary palate development, two shelves are elevated to a horizontal position above the tongue through a process involving many cellular mechanisms, including proliferation. In particular, the expression patterns of Tbx3 and Bmp4, which are colocalized at embryonic day 13.5 (E13.5) and have unique expression patterns in specific regions at E14.5,(More)