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The emerging broadband wireless access (BWA) technology based on IEEE 802.16 is one of the most promising solutions to provide ubiquitous wireless access to the broadband service at low cost. This paper proposes an efficient uplink bandwidth request-allocation algorithm for variable-rate realtime services in IEEE 802.16 BWA networks. In order to minimize(More)
While the classical framework has a rich set of limited information procedures such as GMM and other related methods, the situation is not so in the Bayesian framework. We develop a limited information procedure in the Bayesian framework that does not require the knowledge of the full likelihood. The developed procedure is a Bayesian counterpart of the(More)
Local Number Portability (LNP) is an Intelligent Network (IN) service, which provides end users the ability to change local telephone service providers without changing their telephone numbers. LNP is a key service for increasing competition in the local telephone marketplace. To implement LNP, Number Portability Administration Center (NPAC) is needed to(More)
SUMMARY Feedforward neural networks have been successfully developed and applied in many areas because of their universal approximation capability. However, there still remains the problem of determining a suitable network structure for the given task. In this paper, we propose a novel self-organizing neural network which automatically adjusts its structure(More)
Multimedia applications are being developed and used for many aspects of our lives today. New high-speed, broadband networks have emerged and made the operation of these high-bandwidth requiring applications readily feasible. However, the development of distributed multimedia applications and efficient and reliable operation of these applications are still(More)
The Differentiated Services (DiffServ) framework has been proposed by the IETF as a simple service structure that can provide different Quality of Service (QoS) to different classes of packets in IP networks. IP packets are classified into one of a limited number of service classes, and are marked in the packet header for easy classification and(More)
Recent growth in networking technologies has created much more complex and heterogeneous network environments. To manage network devices and services in such environments, various organizations have developed standard management platforms using different management protocols (e.g., SNMP, CMIP, TMN). For telecommunications network management, TMN has been(More)