Jae-Young Jung

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Crystalline Mg-based alloys with a distinct reduction in hydrogen evolution were prepared through both electrochemical and microstructural engineering of the constituent phases. The addition of Zn to Mg-Ca alloy modified the corrosion potentials of two constituent phases (Mg + Mg2Ca), which prevented the formation of a galvanic circuit and achieved a(More)
In this paper, a novel carrier leakage suppression (CLS) front-end for UHF RF identification (RFID) reader is presented. We demonstrated through experiment in the laboratory environment that the proposed CLS front-end has a significant improvement in the carrier-to-data ratio by more than 36 dBc in the UHF RFID frequency band. When inserted between the(More)
In metropolitan area, the use of analog CCTV surveillance system has steadily increased to detect and prevent crimes, terror, big persons and cars crowded in road that CCTV surveillance systems have long been employed in metropolitan area. It is necessary to equip intelligent surveillance systems, which provide an efficient solution for the problems because(More)
It is very important to prevent crimes, accidents, and incidents, so many surveillance systems are equipped in urban transit system. But in most current surveillance systems, supervisors have to monitor many screens continuously. Therefore, intelligent systems are needed by which those tedious monitoring tasks are done. These intelligent surveillance(More)
The in vitro corrosion mechanism of the biodegradable cast Mg-10% Ca binary alloy in Hanks' solution was evaluated through transmission electron microscopy observations. The corrosion behavior depends strongly on the microstructural peculiarity of Mg₂Ca phase surrounding the island-like primary Mg phase and the fast corrosion induced by the interdiffusion(More)
—In urban transit station, the use of analog CCTV surveillance system has increased to detect and prevent crimes, terrors, suicides, fires and so on. But these systems have problems that system operators have to monitor consistently the scenes in transit station and they cannot quickly cope with crimes, terrors, and fires. So, it is necessary to adopt(More)
INTRODUCTION Total knee arthroplasty (TKA) is a common surgical method in orthopaedics; however, pain management after TKA remains a significant challenge. This review provides a comprehensive evaluation of the effects of acupuncture for postoperative pain after TKA. METHODS AND ANALYSIS The following 10 databases will be searched until August 2015:(More)
In this paper we present a robust method for background subtraction from a fixed camera in video surveillance system. The background subtraction is an important part of object tracking and many algorithms have been proposed for decades. Mixture of Gaussian for those in this paper is very famous and used widely. We present the robust method that can adapt(More)