Jae-Young Jung

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Crystalline Mg-based alloys with a distinct reduction in hydrogen evolution were prepared through both electrochemical and microstructural engineering of the constituent phases. The addition of Zn to Mg-Ca alloy modified the corrosion potentials of two constituent phases (Mg + Mg2Ca), which prevented the formation of a galvanic circuit and achieved a(More)
The dried endosperm of the seed of Phytelephas sp is widely used for artisanal work in the Amazon region due to its favorable mechanical properties and pleasant appearance that resemble elephant ivory. While the seeds have enjoyed popularity and limited use by selected industries (e.g., military uniform buttons and piano keys) and handicraft applications,(More)
—In urban transit station, the use of analog CCTV surveillance system has increased to detect and prevent crimes, terrors, suicides, fires and so on. But these systems have problems that system operators have to monitor consistently the scenes in transit station and they cannot quickly cope with crimes, terrors, and fires. So, it is necessary to adopt(More)
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