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Public cloud storage has recently surged in popularity. However, cloud storage providers (CSPs) today offer fairly rigid services, which cannot be customized to meet individual users' needs. We propose a distributed, client-defined architecture that integrates multiple autonomous CSPs into one unified cloud and allows individual clients to specify their(More)
—In this paper, we present demand-side energy management under real-time demand-response pricing as a task scheduling problem which is NP-hard. Using minmax as the objective, we show that the schedule produced by our minMax scheduling algorithm has a number of salient advantages: significant peak-shaving, cost reduction, and risk-aversion for the consumers.(More)
Due to the various masquerading strategies adopted by newer P2P applications to avoid detection and filtering, well-known port mapping techniques cannot guarantee their accuracy any more. Alternative approaches, application signature mapping, behavior-based analysis, and machine learning based classification methods, show more promising accuracy. However,(More)
— The number of mobile devices and the amount of mobile traffic are increasing rapidly. The users of mobile device use various services such as web surfing, email, video and audio streaming, etc. Analyzing mobile traffic is necessary to provide high quality mobile network services such as QoS management, traffic engineering, etc. In fact, several multi-flow(More)
In the last decade, networks have evolved from simple data packet forwarding to platforms that support complex multimedia services, such as network based personal video recording and broadcast TV. Each of these services has significant quality demands: they are very sensitive to packet loss and jitter, and require a substantial amount of bandwidth. As the(More)
Use of SiteMap for binding site classification and its connection to QM/MM (quantum mechanics/ molecular mechanics) docking performance were investigated. Using the hydrophilic/hydrophobic character values along with balance between them which SiteMap calculates, we sorted 455 cocrystal complexes available from protein data bank into three groups and tested(More)
As the cost of DNA sequencing decreases, association studies based on whole genome sequencing are now becoming feasible. It is still unclear, however, how much more we could gain from whole genome sequencing compared to exome sequencing, which has been widely used to study a variety of diseases. In this project, we performed a comparison between whole(More)