Jae Yong Lee

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Despite inherent errors, cephalometric superimpositions are currently the most widely used means for assessing sagittal and vertical tooth movements. The purpose of this study was to compare three-dimensional (3D) digital model superimposition with cephalometric superimposition. The material was collected from initial and final maxillary casts and lateral(More)
(CSPF) routing algorithm, there is a high probability that it can not find a feasible path through networks for a large bandwidth constraint which is one of the most important constraints for traffic engineering. The proposed algorithms can divide the bandwidth constraint into two or more sub-constraints and find a constrained path for each sub-constraint,(More)
The possibility of postsurgical hypothyroidism after hemithyroidectomy is no longer a new subject. Although many previous studies have mentioned posthemithyroidectomy hypothyroidism, the incidence and contributing factors for hypothyroidism remain uncertain. We intended to evaluate the incidence and the time of development of hypothyroidism after(More)
RATIONALE Lipids are a key component of atherogenesis. However, their physiological role on the progression of atherosclerosis including plaque vulnerability has not been clearly understood, because of the lack of appropriate tools for chemical assessment. OBJECTIVE We aimed to develop a label-free chemical imaging platform based on multiplex coherent(More)
Color filters are indispensable in most color display applications. In most cases, they are chemical pigment-based filters, which produce a particular color by absorbing its complementary color, and the absorbed energy is totally wasted. If the absorbed and wasted energy can be utilized, e.g., to generate electricity, innovative energy-efficient electronic(More)
We present ultra-thin (6 to 31 nm) undoped amorphous silicon/organic hybrid solar cell structure, which can transmit desired color of light. The transmitted colors show great angular tolerance due to the negligible optical phase associated with light propagating in ultra-thin amorphous silicon (a-Si) layers. We achieved the power conversion efficiency of(More)
The devices most often used for IT services are changing from PCs and laptops to smart phones and tablets. These devices need to be small for increased portability. These technologies are convenient, but as the devices start to contain increasing amounts of important personal information, better security is required. Security systems are rapidly being(More)
Spectrum filters with a wide viewing angle exploiting strong resonance effects in lossy media are demonstrated. The designed filters show significantly improved color purity and the angle-robust characteristic can be preserved up to ±65° due to an interesting phase-cancellation effect. This strategy could provide new routes for numerous applications, such(More)
This paper proposes an extension to Fast-handover Mobile IPv6 [6] that improves handover latency in Mobile IPv6 procedures in case mobile nodes have multiple wireless interfaces. In the basic Fast MIPv6 [6], a previous access router (PAR) forwards arriving packets for the mobile node to a new access router (NAR) by setting up a tunnel to the NAR in order to(More)