Jae-Yong Kwon

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We numerically and experimentally investigate the field invasiveness of microwave signals using an electro-optic technique. The distortion of the standing wave voltage and pulse waveform probed by the electro-optic technique is explored through both minimally invasive external and non-invasive internal sensing configurations. First, we analyzed the(More)
We present a novel design method and sensing scheme for an electro-optic field probe using multi-stratified layers of electro-optic wafers. A serial stack of cascaded layers is found to be capable of enhancing the performance of interferometric electro-optic light modulation that utilizes the slopes of interference fringe patterns and field-induced(More)
Highly stable electro-optic field probe with wide dynamic range is presented. The highly efficient electro-optic modulation mechanism--based on interference and field-induced phase retardations using a new embodiment with a relatively thick sensor crystal mounted on a fiber--is explained. The probe is calibrated up to 3.5 GHz through the use of a micro-TEM(More)