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This paper suggests an algorithm that can detect the direction of sound source at real time. The algorithm uses the time difference or phase difference in the sound source from the three microphones, which are located with difference of 120 degree between two microphones. In addition, sound source tracing algorithm having shorter execution time than that of(More)
PURPOSE In the early development of new imaging modalities - such as tomosynthesis and cone-beam CT (CBCT) - an accurate predictive model for imaging performance is particularly valuable in identifying the physical factors that govern image quality and guiding system optimization. In this work, a task-based cascaded systems model for detectability index is(More)
This paper proposes to utilize a patient-specific prior to augment intraoperative sparse-scan data to accurately reconstruct the aspects of the region that have changed by a surgical procedure in image-guided surgeries. When anatomical changes are introduced by a surgical procedure, only a sparse set of x-ray images are acquired, and the prior volume is(More)
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