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Invited Paper This paper presents the development of a disposable plastic biochip incorporating smart passive microfluidics with embedded on-chip power sources and integrated biosensor array for applications in clinical diagnostics and point-of-care testing. The fully integrated disposable biochip is capable of precise volume control with smart microfluidic(More)
SUMMARY Visual defects, called mura in the field, sometimes occur during the manufacturing of the flat panel liquid crystal displays. In this paper we propose an automatic inspection method that reliably detects and quantifies TFT-LCD region-mura defects. The method consists of two phases. In the first phase we segment candidate region-muras from TFT-LCD(More)
This study aims to help business community understand other cultures by utilizing the database. Particularly, the comprehensive information on the member states of ASEAN, which should be perceive as Blue Oceans, will be used for the companies to survive the global competition. In the midst of the global business arena, cultural literacy plays a very(More)
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