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Fast storage devices are an emerging solution to satisfy data-intensive applications. They provide high transaction rates for DBMS, low response times for Web servers, instant on-demand paging for applications with large memory footprints, and many similar advantages for performance-hungry applications. In spite of the benefits promised by fast hardware,(More)
Emerging non-volatile memory technologies as a disk drive replacement raise some issues of software stack and interfaces, which have not been considered in disk-based storage systems. In this work, we present new cooperative schemes including software and hardware to address performance issues with deploying storage-class memory technologies as a storage(More)
Recently, the demand for fast storages is rapidly increasing in HPC environments such as cloud platforms, social network services and desktop users. But HDD-based storages cannot satisfy these demands, and a variety of high performance storages providing lower I/O latency and higher I/O bandwidth have been eagerly developed. Although merely adopting these(More)
The application of electrical fields within a microfluidic channel enables many forms of manipulation necessary for lab-on-a-chip devices. Patterning electrodes inside the microfluidic channel generally requires multi-step optical lithography. Here, we utilize an ion-implantation process to pattern 3D electrodes within a fluidic channel made of(More)
Free-standing lithium niobate nanowires ͑LiNbO 3 ͒ are synthesized by the hydrothermal route. The polarization response of the second harmonic generation ͑SHG͒ signal is measured in a single nanowire and used to identify the crystal orientation by matching with bulk LiNbO 3 nonlinear optical susceptibility. The electrical manipulation of a LiNbO 3 nanowire(More)
Storage area network (SAN) is one of the most popular solutions for constructing server environments these days. In these kinds of server environments, HDD-based storage usually becomes the bottleneck of the overall system, but it is not enough to merely replace the devices with faster ones in order to exploit their high performance. In other words, proper(More)
Today's server environments consist of many machines constructing clusters for distributed computing system or storage area networks (SAN) for effectively processing or saving enormous data. In these kinds of server environments, backend-storages are usually the bottleneck of the overall system. But it is not enough to simply replace the devices with better(More)
In this study, we quantified the attachment and detachment of bacteria during transport in order to elucidate the contributions of reversible attachment on bacterial breakthrough curves. The first set of breakthrough experiment was performed for a laboratory sand column using leaching solutions of deionized water and mineral salt medium (MSM) of 200 mM with(More)