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In this paper, a new automatic personalized summarization method, which uses non-negative matrix factorization (NMF) and relevance measure (RM), is introduced to extract meaningful sentences from to retrieve documents in Internet. The proposed method can improve the quality of personalized summaries because the inherent semantics of the documents are well(More)
The amount of XML documents is increasing rapidly. In order to analyze the information represented in XML documents efficiently, researches on XML document clustering are actively in progress. The key issue is how to devise the similarity measure between XML documents to be used for clustering. Since XML documents have hierarchical structure, it is not(More)
SAX is the representative time series representation method. SAX used the PAA technique to reduce the dimension of time series. But PAA technique has the demerit that cannot represent various movement shapes of time series exactly in lower dimensional space, since its smoothing effect distorts the dynamic characteristic of time series.
The number of baggage with increasing passengers through the airport has been an explosive increase. For fast and reliable handing of baggage, the importance of Baggage Handling System has gradually increased. The checked-in baggage is top-loaded from conveyor belt into high speed tray for quick processing of it. Before top-loading, the baggage may be(More)
Levodropropizine is commonly used as an antitussive drug for acute and chronic cough. It is a non-opioid agent with peripheral antitussive action via the modulation of sensory neuropeptide levels in the airways. Thus, levodropropizine has a more tolerable profile than opioid antitussives. However, we experienced 3 cases of levodropropizine-induced(More)
Generally, pathological diagnosis using an electron microscope is time-consuming and likely to result in a subjective judgment, because pathologists perform manual screening of tissue slides at high magnifications. Recently, the advent of digital pathology technology has provided the basis for convenient screening and quantitative analysis by digitizing(More)
Pathological diagnosis is influenced by subjective factors such as the individual experience and knowledge of doctors. Therefore, it may be interpreted in different ways for the same symptoms. The appearance of digital pathology has created good foundation for objective diagnoses based on quantitative feature analysis. Recently, numerous studies are being(More)