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Verification of the usability of a navigation method in dental implant surgery: in vitro comparison with the stereolithographic surgical guide template method.
The STL surgical guide template was associated with fewer errors than the real-time navigation method in dental implant surgery. Expand
Validation of mandibular genioplasty using a stereolithographic surgical guide: in vitro comparison with a manual measurement method based on preoperative surgical simulation.
Use of a stereolithographic surgical guide increased accuracy, but the difference in mean error values between methods was only approximately 0.3 mm, suggesting that the superior accuracy may not be compelling in favor of stereolithography surgical guides. Expand
Impact of the number of registration points for replacement of three-dimensional computed tomography images in dental areas using three-dimensional light-scanned images of dental models
Investigating the accuracy and reliability of registration methods for replacing dental areas of three-dimensional computed tomography images with 3D light-scanned dental images using tooth cusp tips and the occlusal surface found surface-based image registration giving less error than reference point- based image registration with dental cusp Tips. Expand
Precision of a CAD/CAM-engineered surgical template based on a facebow for orthognathic surgery: an experiment with a rapid prototyping maxillary model.
The clinical precision of the facebow wafer method did not significantly exceed that of the bite wafer methods, and there were significant intergroup differences in the lateral error when the authors compared the absolute values of the 3-D linear distance. Expand
Use of the surface-based registration function of computer-aided design/computer-aided manufacturing software in medical simulation software for three-dimensional simulation of orthognathic surgery
A new technique is introduced, which involves use of the registration functions of CAD/CAM software followed by transfer of the images into medical simulation software. Expand
Guide for a bone-cutting line in intraoral vertical ramus osteotomy using an elastic thread connected to two sigmoid retractors.
It is found that using a line connecting the sigmoid retractors as a baseline for cutting bone in IVRO provided a simple but useful bone-cutting guideline. Expand
Unilateral intraoral vertical ramus osteotomy based on preoperative three-dimensional simulation surgery in a patient with facial asymmetry
This case report describes a patient with a mild asymmetric facial profile in which the mandibular menton had been deviated to the right and the lips canted down to the left and the mandible was moved to the intended postoperative occlusion through preoperative surgical 3D simulation. Expand
A Study on Development of Humeral Intramedullary Fixation Nail based on Korean Cadaver Tests
Through finite element analysis and mechanical tests, the developed HIFN prototype showed similar and/or superior mechanical performance compared to the Polarus HifN and optimal design modification was proposed to prevent the possible axillary nerve injury due to the locking screw system. Expand
Changes in Center of Rotation and Load Sharing Characteristics Following Posterior Dynamic Stabilization in the Lumbar Spine
Changes in Center of Rotation and Load Sharing Characteristics Following Posterior Dynamic Stabilization in the Lumbar Spine Yoon-Ho Ahn1, Kyung-Woo Park2, Wen-Ming Chen3, Jae-Won Lee1, Duk-YoungExpand
Study on the Inferior Alveolar Nerve Injuries According to Preoperative Panoramic Radiography or Computed Tomography (CT) for Impacted Mandibular Third Molar Extractions
매복 하악 제 대구치의 외과적 발치를 위해서는 고속으로 3 회전하는 외과적 버 를 이용하여 덮고 있는 골을 삭제하 (burr) 고 치아를 절단하는 것이 필요할 수 있다.1 이러한 술식 중 주 행하는 하치조신경에 대한 치근단 부위의 근접성 때문에 하치 조신경이 노출되어 손상될 가능성이 있다 신경 손상 발생 가 . 능성을 최소로 하기 위해서는 술전 충분한Expand