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BACKGROUND Maintaining the integrity of the capsule along with infusing a sufficient amount of fluid is 1 of the therapeutic concepts in intra-articular hydraulic distension (IHD) for adhesive capsulitis. It has been known that hypertonic saline solution decreases tissue edema and increases the fluid volume within the epidural space, causing(More)
OBJECTIVE To investigate the effect of repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation (rTMS) according to the stimulation site in subacute stroke patients with dysphagia. METHODS This study was designed as a matched comparative study. Twenty-four patients who had dysphagia after ischemic stroke were recruited, and they were divided into two groups after(More)
In addition to the development of extreme ultraviolet lithography (EUVL), studies on beyond extreme ultraviolet lithography (BEUVL), which uses radiation with a wavelength of 6.7 nm, are in progress for their application in high-volume manufacturing. The BEUV wavelength, which is much shorter than the EUV wavelength, improves the resolution of patterned(More)
The coherent scattering microscopy/in-situ accelerated contamination system (CSM/ICS) is a developmental metrology tool designed to analyze the impact of carbon contamination on the imaging performance. It was installed at 11B EUVL beam-line of the Pohang Accelerator Laboratory (PAL). Monochromatized 13.5 nm wavelength beam with Mo/Si multilayer mirrors and(More)
The imaging performance of a half-tone phase shift mask (PSM) has been analyzed using coherent scattering microscopy (CSM), which allows analysis of the actinic characteristics of an extreme ultraviolet (EUV) mask such as its reflectivity, diffraction efficiency, and phase information. This paper presents the 1st experimental result showing the effect of(More)
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