Jae-Sung Hong

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An interventional navigation system designed for percutaneous abdominal therapies was proposed, and a pilot study was carried out to assess the proposed system. Integration of US to MRI-based segmentation and 3D display of tumours can help physicians deal with instabilities such as respiratory motion and soft tissue shift that are inherent in abdominal(More)
Purpose We developed a surgical navigation system that warns the surgeon with auditory and visual feedback to protect the facial nerve with real-time monitoring of the safe region during drilling. Methods Warning navigation modules were developed and integrated into a free open source software platform. To obtain high registration accuracy, we used a(More)
This paper proposes an automatic system which can perform the entire diagnostic process from the extraction of the liver to the recognition of a tumor. In particular, the proposed technique uses shape information to identify and recognize a lesion adjacent to the border of the liver, which can otherwise be missed. In addition, since the intensity of a(More)
Objects We have developed a new MR-compatible laparoscope that incorporates a distally mounted charge-coupled device (CCD). The MR-compatibility and feasibility of laparoscopy using the new laparoscope were evaluated during MR image-guided laparoscopic radiofrequency ablation therapy (RFA). Materials and methods MR compatibility of the laparoscope was(More)
An image-guided surgical system for otologic surgery was developed and clinically evaluated. With reliable hybrid registration, real-time patient movement compensation and virtual intraoperative computed tomography imaging have been originally proposed. In contrast to the commercially available systems that mainly use 2-D images for pointing probes, in this(More)
Under ultrasound guided needle insertion therapy, surgeons have had much burden finding the tumor of the patient, particularly when the target tumor is moving due to the respiration or heartbeat. We researched on the development of a new needle insertion instrument which can track a moving objective based on visual servo control and tumor specific active(More)
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