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This paper proposes an effective lane detection and tracking method using statistical modeling of lane color and edge-orientation in the image sequence. At first, we will address some problem of classifying a pixel into two classes(lane or background) and detecting one exact lane. Generally, the probability of a pixel classification error conditioned on the(More)
In this paper, we propose a vision-based robust vehicle detection and inter-vehicle distance estimation algorithm for driving assistance system. It uses the directional edge features, as well as the Haar-like features of car rear-shadows for detection of front vehicles. The use of additional vehicle edge features greatly reduces the false-positive errors.(More)
In this paper a method of fuzzy logic control based on possibly inconsistent if-then rules representing uncertain knowledge or imprecise data is studied. When it is hard to obtain consistent rule bases, we propose the fuzzy logic control based on weighted rules depending on output performances using the neural network and we derive the weight updating(More)