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—Space-time block code(STBC) has been studied to get full diversity and full rate in multiple input multiple output(MIMO) system. Achieving full rate is difficult in cooperative communications due to the each user consumes the time slots for transmitting information in cooperation phase. So combining MIMO systems with cooperative communications has been(More)
Cooperative communication has been widely investigated to improve performance of wireless networks. In cooperative wireless system, various MIMO scheme such as OSTBC, CDD and V-BLAST can be easily applied and obtain diversity or multiplexing gain. These schemes cannot obtain diversity and multiplexing gain simultaneously. To guarantee both high throughput(More)
In this paper, we propose an EM-based algorithm to efficiently estimate the channel state of such a system. The EM algorithm is a general method for ML channel estimation that arise in statistical estimation problems. However, this algorithm has two drawbacks which are slow convergence and large complexity. To reduce the complexity of the EM algorithm, we(More)